June 25th  Intro into Essential Oils Evening Class
Learn how and why you'll want to incorporate essential oils and toxin-free products into your life to support your healthy lifestyle  I'm hosting a really interesting intro to essential oils class at my place in Delray Beach on Thursday January 18th at 6:30 pm. You'll learn all about using essential oils for headaches, aches & pains, and even reducing anxiety. It's gonna be about an hour long, with some Q & A time afterwards. Oh, and I'll have some yummy snacks too! 😄
Text "Jan learn" to 561-295-9453 and I'll send you the address 😊 

Can't make it on this date? No worries! Host a class! 😀 Just invite your friends and I'll take care of everything. I'll teach the class and you'll receive a hostess gift. We can hold it at my home, your home, a local coffee shop, or on Zoom. 

Feeling too busy? Let's get together on Zoom or for a cup of coffee and I'll teach you privately. You've got lots of options! 💪 Want to host an event? Text "Host" to 561-295-9453 to start planning.